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SPARK U Connect: Engaging Your Students

SPARK U Connect: Engaging Your Students

The One Time Enrollment Fee For This Module Is $49

Enroll now for an in-depth review of “The 5 Elements of Motivation” and learn teacher-tested techniques to keep your students engaged and motivated for learning, whether you’re teaching online or in-person.

Engagement + Motivation = Learning!

SPARK 2.0 Online Online Course
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Enrollment for the SPARK 2.0 Online Course is open now! Click the ENROLL NOW button below to begin your course instantly And don’t forget to Follow us on Facebook to join a growing community of inspired teachers like you.

SPARK U Connect: On Time & On Target

Re-discover valuable strategies and focused, straightforward techniques you can use every day to keep your instruction on time and on target.

SPARK 1.0 Online Is Coming Soon

We’ll be launching the SPARK 1.0 Online Course soon. Follow us on Facebook to be among the first to get the announcement