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Reconnect. Refresh. Reignite.

SPARK U Connect has been created for you to refresh the important concepts and strategies that you learned during your SPARK University 1.0 experience.

We all understand this — in order for your professional development to be truly valuable, it has to be ongoing and sustainable. Those are two vital pillars for your viable long term success, and growth as a teaching professional.

And that — is exactly what SPARK U Connect is all about!

SPARK U Connect is your opportunity to Reconnect with the core SPARK University principles. Refresh your understanding of the lessons learned. And Reignite your zest for teaching as you experience the current and ever-changing reality of your classroom today.

Now — with the creation of the SPARK U Connect Online Learning System — you can gain ALL the benefits of ongoing and sustainable, career-long-learning in a convenient online-accessible format. No more giving up your valuable prep time! “Connect” anytime — from the break-room, your favorite coffee shop, or right at home (in your slippers!).

It’s your refresher at a time and place just right for youanother way to “keep your spark alive”

You Will Need:

  • Your SPARK Notebook from SPARK University 1.0
  • Your Think Pad
  • Your SPARK University Journal